Unlimited Cell Phone Plans – 4 Options Under $60 a Month

If you sit down and watch TV for an hour, chances are you will see an iPhone ad from Apple or a commercial from AT&T advertising iPhone service. While the iPhone is definitely a cool device, the problem is it can easily cost $120 or more a month to use it with an AT&T service plan. What’s really frustrating about being on this type of plan is it doesn’t even cover unlimited usage. Although that price point does include unlimited text messaging, it only provides 4GB of data. If you were a subscriber and went over that amount, you’d pay $10 per additional GB that you used!

Since $1440+ is a significant annual cost for a plan that’s not unlimited, you may feel that it’s a ripoff. Because you’re far from being the only person who feels that way, there are several companies who have decided to offer completely unlimited plans. Not only do these plans let you talk, text, email and surf as much as you want, but they’re available for less than half of what’d you likely pay for one of AT&T’s iPhone plans. If you want the most bang for your buck, here are the best unlimited cell phone plans for less than $60 a month:


This company is no stranger to unlimited cell plans. They’ve been providing their customers with this option for over a decade. While you can get an unlimited calling plan for just $30 a month, if you want to enjoy a fully unlimited plan, their rate is still at the attractively low price of $60 a month. The one thing to keep in mind is that if you travel a lot, Cricket may not be a good fit for you. The reason is if you go over the 100 roaming minutes that are included with their $60 plan, you will be charged an additional $0.25 per roaming minute.

Virgin Mobile

Although Richard Branson is incredibly wealthy, that doesn’t mean he’s greedy. Virgin’s fully unlimited plan is available for just $55 a month. This includes email and Internet browsing at 3G speeds. An additional benefit of choosing Virgin is they don’t charge any fees for account activation, roaming or early termination.

Boost Mobile

When Boost Mobile claims to offer an unlimited plan, they aren’t exaggerating. Not only does their flat $50 a month plan cover unlimited talking, texting and data usage, but it also covers the various regulatory fees and taxes that other carriers tack on to their totals. What’s even cooler about Boost is that for every 6 payments that are made on time, Boost will knock $5 off their monthly fee. This can eventually bring their unlimited plan all the way down to just $35 a month!

Metro PCS

If you want the cheapest unlimited plan available, Metro PCS delivers at $40 a month. Just keep in mind that like Cricket, Metro PCS charges for roaming. If you’re thinking about this plan, check to make sure that you live and work in area that is fully covered by this company.