About Us

At CELL PHONE CARE CENTER, we are proud of our team of experienced technicians. Our team is familiar with phones from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Blackberry, Palm, Nokia, Kyocera and many other manufacturers. Our professional phone repair services are available to cell phone users in the United States.


Water Damage

We have a dedicated water damage station with the equipment and expert knowledge necessary to diagnose and repair phones affected by this common problem.


Our electrical testing and repair area is staffed by experts who can identify and repair a wide range of issues – from charging ports to internal power issues.

Replacement Parts

Our relationship with many manufacturers gives us the ability to offer and install quality replacement parts when they are needed.

We give each phone the individualized attention it deserves. You can be sure that your repair will be completed with the utmost attention to detail within a very reasonable timeframe. In many cases, we complete repairs within two business days of the time we receive the phone.